TANKS is a unique reality in the industrial packings field in Italy,

that produces stainless steel and iron drums internally for thirty years and at the same time it distributes packings of every type constructed by selected manufacturers, to offer to their customers the best of two worlds: the production and the distribution.

TANKS, in the Italian market of industrial packings, has represented a very particular reality since its foundation in 1988. The uniqueness of TANKS formula is very simple: in fact we are both producers and distributors, which allows us to offer to our customers the specific strength points of both business models, according to their demands.

In particular, we produce both stainless steel and iron drums internally, of every form and size, also developing specific products for customers. We distribute industrial packings of selected producers, from plastic jerry cans to pails, from cans to IBC, to all the respective accessories, in order to cover the whole range of products necessary to the industries.

This double nature enables us to offer to the customers benefits and advantages that it is very rare to find coupled:

the variety of product typical of the merchant, guaranteed from our great storage with goods always in stock, together with the guarantee of quality, the competence, and the possibility to realize products on purpose that only a producer is able to give to the customers.

TANKS is the only firm in Italy to carry on with success this double model, and the results show that customers are satisfied in every aspect. In our storage are always available the most widespread standard models of industrial drums and packings. Our network of suppliers allows us to quickly recover those most special of which a client can have necessity, as well as our production department enables us, in front of unique demands, to develop from scratch stainless steel and iron drums on purpose for any application. And on request, naturally, we are able to provide all the approvals for the transport of any dangerous substance, according to law regulation.

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