The strong point of a producer of stainless steel and iron drums like TANKS is the possibility to go out from the limits and the schemes of the standard dimensions

of the packings and to realize metal drums of the measures and forms ideal for customer projects.

In the field of industrial packings, especially of metal drums, whether it be of stainless steel or iron models, the range of standard forms and dimensions comes from long years of presence on the market, and in most cases it is able to suit the more different demands of the different industrial sectors. However, there are always special cases and specific applications for which metal drums out of standard are requeted, expressly realized and customized for a client.

TANKS is a producer of iron and stainless steel drums, not only a distributor of metal drums, able to offer to our customers the planning and the realization of metal drums of any dimension and shape, perfectly corresponding to the project specifications required by customers.

In fact we have all the machineries necessary to realize out of standard metal drums, and the experience of thirty years to be able not only to produce,

but even to enable to offer you specific consultation how to obtain the maximum efficiency and practicality from your customized drums.

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