Thirty years of work mean a lot of things, and among them perhaps the most important is the matured experience.

An experience that also involves special particular jobs: here are those that we like to remember and to tell!

For the decommissioning sector of the nuclear plants,
TANKS is among the few companies certified firms for the production of the drums necessary for the storage of the radioactive materials. Because of the potential dangerous content and the importance to isolate it, these metal drums are custom realized of course, guarnting an extreme strenght, both under the chemical and mechanical aspect, capacity, in addition to an useful life extremely prolonged.

For the cosmetic sector,
TANKS has resolved the problem of the reduction of the drum’s washing costs, an essential productive phase to eliminate the residues of product but at the same time complex and expensive. The introduction of special palstic liner, applied with specific vacuum-sealed machines for a perfect adherence inside the drum, has made possible to dispose only few plastic grams, rather than to wash or to eliminate whole drums, with enormous advantages both in economic and ecological profile.

For the food sector,
TANKS has developed solutions for the use of liner in the drums that allow the use however, essential in the field, of piston pump machines for the emptying of the drums. This allows to combine the effectiveness of the piston pump in the emptying of the drums of high dense products with the convenience of the disposal of a liner from few grams of weight.

For the disposal and recovery sector,
TANKS is the proud creator of the line of MATRIOSKA drums, oversized and of extreme strenght, to allow the insertion of damaged drums that would be poured only to excessive costs, or even they don’t allow in any way the transfer of the contents.

And to top it off, one of our most important and particular historic projects. When there was the passage to the Euro, when the Italian association for the Cancer Research carried out a collection on the whole national territory of the old coins, it was TANKS to produce customized metal drums to deposit the coins that many of you will remember. Those drums are complete of special insertion anti cut and antitheft crack developed for the project. And it was not all: in addition to the planning and production, we followed the whole logistics and distribution, for a total of 50.000 drums!

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