Stainless steel packagings

Extreme strenght, resistance to corrosion and rust, possibility to contain foods or pharmaceutical products: this trio of special characteristics makes the stainless steel drums the main packagings used in the most difficult jobs in this field. Here you will find the best: if you have to transport or to move inside your firm delicate, heavy, or dangerous substances, with these stainless steel drums you can do it without any problem. The range of stainless steel products TANKS INT. includes standard drums or specific products, intended to the inside use or approved ADR UN for the transport, up to those classified as packagings type IP2 for the packaging of radioactive products. The stainless steel drums are made with different thicknesses and with types of materials that range from stainless steel AISI 409 / EN 1.4512, up to the most widespread AISI 304 / EN 1.4301, until the most resistant to the corrosion AISI 316 / EN 1.4401.